The cheerful, calm and tenacious attitude of their engineers to resolving IT challenges is a breath of fresh air.

We would recommend them to any small enterprise wanting help with their IT.

Martin Sheehy,

Partner – Fish Partnership

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Yes, the majority of home and business computer users rely on PCs and Microsoft Windows. However, there’s an increasing number of iMac and MacBook users (not to mention iPad and iPhone users), who we are delighted to support.

Some of the ways we can help you:

  • Diagnosing and repairing common Mac issues including the ‘spinning wheel’ screen
  • Migrating Mac OSX profiles to a new Mac and making sure they operate as they should.
  • Configuring a Mac to operate correctly in a Windows Server Domain environment
  • Installing additional hardware and peripherals including memory, hard drives and external backup drives such as Apple’s own Time Capsule.

Take advantage of our PC and Mac experience

Whilst we are not an Apple Authorised Service Provider, we do offer strong experience in Mac support – particularly in mixed Mac and PC/Windows environments.

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