The cheerful, calm and tenacious attitude of their engineers to resolving IT challenges is a breath of fresh air.

We would recommend them to any small enterprise wanting help with their IT.

Martin Sheehy,

Partner – Fish Partnership

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Matt Simpson, founder and managing director


MattI became totally immersed in technology during a four-year Electronic Engineering apprenticeship.

I then moved to Italy where I was administrator for a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. Upon my return to the UK I spent 10 years in IT support culminating in a role as an IT Manager.

I formed Ingenuity IT in February 2003 because I could see that small businesses, and even individuals, could benefit enormously by adopting many of the principles and best practices that underpin corporate IT strategies.

Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certified in Client and Server Operating Systems, and in Internetworking using TCP/IP in a Windows environment.

An experience that has stayed with me

I realised very early in my time as a corporate IT Manager that business people generally have neither the time nor the inclination to understand the intricacies of IT. They just want it to work, and they don’t want it to cost too much. Actually, the same goes for home users too.

‘Can’t-live-without’ gadgets

My Blackberry, TomTom sat nav and laptop.

Other interests

Formula 1, music, Rugby Union, badminton and all things automotive.